Products For Home

Our goal is to bring the farmers market back to your Buffalo winter. Products will vary each week, but our staples will remain:

  • LIVING LETTUCE HEADS… picked right as you watch, with root ball still attached for maximum freshness and longevity
  • SUPERSWEET CHERRY TOMATOES… packed with a punch of sweetness and bursting with hydroponic juiciness.
  • DIVA BURPLESS ENGLISH CUCUMBER…seedless , long, skinny and sweet
  • PEPPERS…Habenero, Golden California Wonder, Horizon Orange, Garden Green SWEET and Bhut Jolokia Hot Peppers
  • HERBS…Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Lemon balm, Catnip, Parsley

Contact us for weekly extras like squash, garlic, onion, micro greens, carrots etc….

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