About Us

about Cool Greens of WNY

HE needed a hobby while stuck indoors for months recovering from a motorcycle accident and found HYDROPONICS.

SHE was studying Animal Science in West Virginia and found a love for FARMING and FRESH FOOD.
THEY found each other…and COOL GREENS VERTICAL FARMS was created.

Our MISSION is to provide farm fresh, local produce to Western New York even in the dead of winter, and to share our love of growing and the future of urban farming with Buffalo!

We ARE born and raised Buffalo “foodies” who don’t feel like anyone should have to settle with wilted produce shipped across the country just because we have a few cold months here.

We BELIEVE in the health benefits and environmental importance of good nutrition from pesticide free, non-GMO produce, and our world’s current need for a more sustainable way of life.

We are EXCITED to contribute to the future of urban farming and ultimately a smaller carbon footprint and a brighter future for our children.

We INVITE you to join us in our journey in discovering the needs and wants of our community and our attempt to make a difference.

Greg and Cara

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